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You’re certain your B2B technology will create a new market or disrupt an existing one… So what’s the next step? Will PR help?
In short, yes. A lot.

PR will make sure the right people hear your message and understand your technology. PR will help you establish relationships with news outlets, reporters, bloggers and analyst firms that influence your buyers.

Since 1997, Marc Gendron PR has helped 20 visionary companies achieve market leadership. Their outcomes have included acquisitions and IPOs. Our clients’ technologies live on today at Cisco, Google, IBM, Avanade, Dell EMC, HP, Symantec, and more.
What can you expect from Marc Gendron PR?

In 12 months or less we will establish your company as a market leader among key influencers: the press, analysts, bloggers, etc. We’re focused on one goal — moving your business forward by opening doors for your sales team and driving traffic to your website. Check out our clients’ Success Stories. We are seasoned PR professionals. Virtually all of our engagements come through repeat assignments with serial entrepreneurs and start-up marketing executives, or word of mouth referrals from executives, venture capital firms, industry analysts, and even reporters.

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